I worked for many years in the City of London in Project Finance, before leaving in 2011 and retraining as a healer.

I know this sounds like a massive change but the truth is that the need to change my life crept up on me slowly.  For a long time I loved my work.  Then it was OK.  Then really wasn’t.  In the background my life purpose had been calling to me, softly at first and then louder.

On my journey I have learned reiki, crystal healing and become an Energy Alignment Mentor.  I have healed past life traumas and been shown the  value of embodying the vibration of love at a cellular level.

I invite you to to this as well: to fully embody the vibration of love and live it. We are here on this beautiful planet at this pivotal time to make a difference. We each have a part to play in creating the world that we wish to live in and pass on to our children.